Monday, June 1, 2009

Hard weekend

I have to apologize as I just haven't been able to read any ones blogs lately or respond to comments made on mine. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your love and concern it means a lot!

The past couple of weeks have been emotionally, physically and spiritually draining for all of us. I guess the silver lining in it all is how it has made us grow spiritually and how big our faith plays apart in our lives.

I tell ya my eyes are puffy and so tired from all of the tears that have come over the this past weekend. My father in law (Russ) had 2 seizures Friday night when we were with him. So Kent and his Mom (Deb) took Russ into the ER at the Foothills hospital Friday evening. He didn't get seen until Saturday morning and then they did a cat scan on his head...he has tumors all over his brain. It was devastating to hear...even though we knew it was already dire with all the other cancer his body has...this just took the wind right out of us. All we could do was cry and hold each other.

So Russ and Deb are back staying with us now that he will be getting radiation treatment in Calgary. He has to go every day 5 times a week for about 4-6 weeks. We are still waiting to hear when that will start. We are trying to get his diabetes under control as all of this new medication is throwing his numbers really high. So we have him on a schedule now and hopefully it will calm down. He is on steroides for his brain tumors and it has given him energy. SO he has been a lot more active. He has been playing games with the kids and I and eating better. So that has been a nice change!

Russ is amazingly calm about it all. I truly believe he knows what is going to happen and he is at peace and calm about it all because Heavenly Father is comforting him. Now we all just need to be that calm and at peace with it being humans we want Russ to live and we want him to stick around for a long time. BUT, Heavenly Father has other plans for him and is needing him. So we will just be here for Russ and Deb and help in every way we possibly can. These next few months are going to be pretty special and so very hard at the same time.

We have had a lot of company come to see Russ this weekend and the phone is constantly ringing. He is feeling the love and it is all good. We are just going to have to get used to the whole "revolving door" thing with people coming in and out to see him and calling. We were so thankful for Russ's sister Ruth for coming up and seeing Russ on the weekend. Ruth and her husband Morley came up on Saturday and stayed until Sunday. Ruth is a nurse so she explained alot of his pills to us and gave us a lot of helpful advice. Russ's brother Dwight and his wife Gail also came by on Sunday and they had a good visit as well.

He is scheduled for a bone scan early this morning. Jeff is going to go in with Deb and Russ to that. They will find out the results for that within a couple of hours.

Yesterday we went to Walmart and bought some groceries and other things we needed. Russ rode on one of those powered scooter things that Walmart provides. He did very well with it and was able to keep up and we got things done in good time. He liked getting out and actually doing something he said. So I am glad they came.

the kids...
they are doing pretty good. They have been enjoying having their Nanny and Poppa around. Bryn has gotten to know them and gives big smiles when she sees them. They have questions every now and again about their Poppa and what is going on so we end up having some pretty good talks with them.

Kent is of course devastated about his Dad's health and what will come. He was so glad to have been there for him on the weekend at the hosptial. Kent is relieved to have them here where he can see them every day and help out. I think all of Kent's sibling wish they could have them within arms reach, but it just isn't possible.

We have gotten Deb and Russ all unpacked and settled in to stay. It is no fun living out of a suitcase. So hopefully they feel better now that that has changed.

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Lynn said...

Oh Barb!
You've just got the biggest heart EVER! : D

Here you are....all worried about not reading other peoples' blogs or not being able to respond to messages or comments....

PLEASE do NOT worry about THAT at all!......just know that we are ALL hear for you and praying for your entire family.

P.S. I will also add a little request in there for you as well....your house sounds a little nutty and crazy right now. : D I will pray that you will be able to be CALM and stress free.....awww......breeeeaaath...... LOL!