Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Flames have been extinguished...

OK, so the Flames are out of the playoffs now. BUT, it was sure fun being at the Saddledome that night of their last game. I am a week late posting this so bear with me LOL.

Kent and I before the game. I was wearing Cole's jersey.

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Here is some video I took with my camera. It isn't the greatest, but it gives you a good idea of how LOUD it was in there. EVERYONE was wearing literally looked like a "sea of red". It was AWESOME! The music was loud, the fans were loud there was lot's of lights and even was really fun and SO exciting being there! The atmosphere was amazing...everyone was so pumped.

If you look at the top left picture and then go down looking at the next 2 pics under it and then go to the bottom right pic and up...this is the sequence this MASSIVE Flames flag came at us. It was HUGE! It passed over our heads and everyone grabbed onto it and passed it along. It was passed all the way around the dome. It was really neat to see everyone participate!

I have to say we were pretty bummed the Flames lost. But it had to end at some point I guess. Even when we knew we were going to lose everyone in the dome still kept the cheering up. I am so glad I went. So next year I plan on going to some of the games now LOL. If you haven't experienced NEED are missing out!

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