Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hospital Visits

Kent, Brynley and I went and saw Russ Thursday night for about an hour at the Tom Baker Cancer Center. Niki and her family went as well. It was good too see him and visit him. Deb goes in every morning around 7 am and doesn't get home until around 8pm. Her sister Donna is here so she goes in with her every day.

His blood sugar levels are still up around 27. So they have changed what insulin they are giving him. He is now getting 2 shots every 4 hours. The nurse calls the one shot "Toronto" and Russ has named the other shot the "Detroit" shot ha ha...he is so funny!

He is taking more "Chrysler pills" (as he calls them) than he was before too. He had another seizure Thursday morning so they changed his dosage. He wasn't happy that Deb keeps taking all of his "good food" (food that is higher in sugar) off his tray when they bring his food. The hospital has been letting him order his food and not watching what he orders since he is a diabetic....nice eh! So now Deb told the hospital staff she is to fill out his order form and not him so they can help keep that under control. Other than that he seems good. He was pretty talkative and happy to be in a room.

Russ's steroid pills are the exact same shape as this Chrysler logo...his pills are white of course. So he now calls them his "Chrylser" pills.


Russ visiting with everyone...he looks pretty good today I have to say.

We took the boys up to see Russ in the hospital today. They were anxious to see him and see for themselves how he was doing.

Friday he seemed like he was doing pretty good. His nurse (which is a male) is really good to him and takes great care of Russ. Russ told us that his nurse gave him the best gift he has gotten since he has been in the pants ha ha ha! Russ hasn't had any pants all this week and was very appreciative to FINALLY get some.

His numbers were down Friday morning to 4 (which is too low) and now they are up again around 24...crazy how all over the place these numbers are! So he will be in the hospital for sure for the whole weekend until these numbers stabilize.

There were 16 of us there visiting Russ ha ha...good thing there was a lounging area for us all to go to.

Niki and her baby were there as well as Jeff and his family, our family and Aunt Donna and her son Dean along with Deb and Russ of course. We all sat around this table that had a big puzzle started at it and they just started adding more pieces to it and visited while they did it. While we were sitting there Russ had a mild seizure. None of the kids even realized what was going on. They were just so happy to be there.

Cole took this picture of Brynley and I.

Brynley is 8 months old as of Friday

Russ said I sure take a lot of pictures ha...yes I do and one day everyone will thank me for it! He saw that I was about to take his picture so he did this face...this is a "classic Russ face." You have to know him to know what I mean. I am SO glad I got this picture of him being silly...he is hilarious and he was in great spirits today. It was so nice to see him like this.

This is my 2 year old niece Kori and I. I was trying to keep her preoccupied while we were sitting there visiting as she was getting antsy to run around. She was giggling away as I took our picture. Cole took the bottom picture of us and I took the top one of us. I love this little girl she always makes me feel so loved...I love how she loves me !

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Lynn said...

I am SO loving your updates.

Those numbers are CRAZY like you said. Weird.
I bet the hospital had NO idea what kind of a patient they had on their hands when Russ came in....look at aLL his visitors. LOL! HE is SO loved!

I love that you take so many pictures. You are a great family historian. And you are SO right! They are going to LOVE you for it someday. Look at all the fun and emotions and facial expressions that you capture....I bet it brings back the "moment" the second someone sees the photo. You rock!

P.S. Very cool that you are recording Russ' personality during all of this. HE truly is a funny and positive man!