Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Growing TOO FAST & our Rexburg trip

OK so I am VERY behind on posting all of my pics from the past few weeks...too much going on! So here we go...these are a little late, but better late than never =)

"Little Miss"...
Brynley has become a backwards "belly scooter." A few weeks ago I had sat her down on the floor in her room while I was putting away her laundry. I gave her some toys to play with and she was happy. A few minutes went by (I had my back to her) and all of a sudden she started grunting and she was really mad. I turned around to see what she was doing and this is what I found ha ha. She had scooted on her belly backwards and pushed herself half way under her dresser.

I was so SHOCKED!

As you can see in the pictures Brynley is now eating Cheerios...a staple food for every baby! ha ha She also tried out some type of baby cracker and like it as well. She enjoyed both of them as you can see by her happy little face. It is fun now that she can eat some normal food now and not just baby food.

If we are eating and we try to give her her baby food she won't have it. She now wants what we are how quick things change ha ha. She is a good eater and likes most things. OK let me try that again...she likes anything that isn't "mixed." For example she won't eat apple & strawberries or mixed fruit or vegetable beef etc. Her Aunt Sheri is alot like that and that is who Brynley is named after so I blame Sheri for Brynley's "mixing" issues =)

Rexburg trip...we went down to Rexburg Idaho for the May long weekend. Most of Kent's siblings and their families were there as well (except for Mike and his family). We all stayed at a hotel that had a pool and then went quading and dirt biking at the sand dunes down there. Kent's youngest brother Gary and his family live in Rexburg so we were able to be with them all weekend as well.

This is the terrain. It literally felt like we were in a desert. The sand dunes are amazing. If you have never been there, you need to see it to be able to understand what it is like there...amazing!

This is when we first got there. The vehicles that hauled all the toys down to Idaho.

Everyone getting on the quads and dirt bikes ready to go.

And we are off! Cole is the one on the dirt bike. He was a little nervous at first and then he did a good job. But he wasn't able to ride them on the sand dunes as it was WAYYYYY to hard...even for the adults.

That is Sheri and the kids on the bottom picture...and that is where I was supposed to get to on my own when I got lost!

This is all the many views of where we were at on the sand dunes.

Scary part of the trip was me getting lost at the sand dunes on a quad...I KNOW!? I was lost for about an hour by myself. Everything looked the same & I couldn't find my way back to everyone...I was terrified! It was hot & I wasn't sure what to I just stayed by a metal marker & some tracks & hoped & prayed someone would come. I began to cry at one point as I was starting to panic. So I said a few prayers that the guys would find me (none of them even knew I was lost). Sure enough within about 15 minutes of that I saw my brother in law Darren come over the hill and he drove up to me. I was in tears and shaking as I would SO glad he found me. Poor Darren didn't know I was upset or lost when he drove up. I had a motor bike helmet on so he couldn't see that I was so upset until he could here me and I told him what happened. A few minutes later another brother in law (Gary) drove up. The thing that ticked me off the most is that I was so close to where everyone was and I didn't know it. The guys gave me a hard time about it all...never again will I let them make me go off on my own like that! Lesson learned =)

The kids sliding down one of the big sand hills...and the guys trying to drive the quads up and down it.

All in all it was a pretty good long weekend. It was such a blessing for us all to be together with us finding out everything going with Russ that weekend. I am glad we all still went. The hotel was great and being able to go swimming in the evenings was nice as well.

Bryn stayed with my parents while we went to Rexburg. She enjoyed being with her grandma. Her Grandma taught her how to clap her cute! Brynley has turned into an owl since we left her at my Mom's ha ha. Everything is ooooooo...and she does the dramatic face to go with is hilarious!

Brynley wearing her Nanny's glasses and making her funny owl it!

Recent stuff...

Bryn also cut her first tooth on Monday and is not a happy girl. She just hasn't been herself this week. On Tuesday Bryn started giving kisses when you ask for them and when you make the kissing sound. Mind you it is a wide mouth kiss with a little tongue and slobber from her ha ha...but we will take what we can get! =)

Kori, Ty, Bryn, Logan, Avery & Jade

Cousins and Ty hanging out in our bed & watching a movie this past weekend.

Russ...had a bone scan done on Tuesday. It was clear! But they ended up wanting him admitted as his blood sugar levels were critically high. They are going to keep him in the hospital until they get it under control. So this is night #2 so far that he will be in there.

He also started his first radiation treatment Tuesday as well. They say it shouldn't really hurt, but he will probably lose his hair in the areas he is getting the radiation on his head where the tumors are. He has 4 tumors on his brain.

The Dr gave us a rough estimate as to how long Russ might have...3-9 months! That was hard for everyone to hear. But I think it is a good thing to somewhat know what to expect. This is part of life whether we like it or not.

Russ is being blessed as he isn't in any pain. The Dr's say he should be in a lot of pain and they are SO surprised he isn't having any headaches and what not with his tumors...and he says he isn't feeling anything! I truly know and believe Heavenly Father is protecting him thus far...and we are so incrediably thankful!

Debbie's sister Donna is here from Ontario. She will be here for a week for sure. I know Debbie is happy to have her here finally. I can't imagine being Debbie and all she is having to go through with Russ. We are doing our best to be here for her as well.

We are just taking it all one day at a time...


Erica said...

I can totally relate to getting lost and being close to people the whole time. It makes you feel like a kid again.
SO SO sorry to hear of the 3-9 months for Russ. I just can't believe it. It sounds like you are all really close and it must be heart wrenching to hear all the bad but it seems like you are all banding together and balancing it out with lots of family time and lots of love. You're pretty amazing Barb.

Lynn said...

Wow Barb! I don't know how you do it.
I totally lost it when you wrote about Russ in the end...and I almost completely forgot everything else that you wrote...well almost....but I have to tell you first that what you wrote about Russ gave me the goosebumps (the good kind). I have been praying (as I am sure a lot of others are too) that he wouldn't be in pain with all of this cancer, and that IF the Lord is desiring to call him home that he would do so quickly, as prolonging it would be painful for his family emotionally.
This news you just wrote is just what I needed to hear.

Now about the rest of you post....HOW scary that must of been getting lost!! I would have been a mess if that was me. So glad that everything turned out all right and that your prayer was answered. I am glad you wrote that down. Our children need to see and learn from our experiences like that. That the Lord is mindful of all of us. ANd if they ever get in trouble, that the first thing they can do is pray too.

Anyway.....your baby girl is SO cute! I cracked up with the pics of her being an "owl". So cute!

cheetah said...

Hey Barb,
I love how you said that these next months will be special and yet so hard. Such wonderful things come from hard times, yet the tears just don't end. I think of you often, wondering how it's all going. Love ya,