Thursday, June 18, 2009


Russ was finally released from the hospital this past Saturday. He was in there for 11 days. We couldn't take him from the hospital until we had ALL his medicine in hand and ready to go. So we made sure we did that before we picked him up. Russ had a TON of visitors everyday at the hospital. He was so thankful and shocked by his family, we were so thankful so many people showed how much they cared. It really means a lot!

One of his funny stories from being in the hospital is that Debbie and her sister Donna would be at the hospital every day together to be with Russ. And on Russ's hospital files it states his religious views. So he says he thinks the nurses see these 2 women coming to see him everyday and must think that he has 2 wives ha ha. He thinks it is hilarious and isn't going to tell them other wise LOL what a guy =) Donna went back home to Ontario Sunday evening. It was so good to have her here and we so appreciate all she did while she was here.

Since we have been home his strength has REALLY weakened and we have to do most things for him. It frustrates him and he says he can't believe how weak he has gotten. His left side is still somewhat OK, but his right hand, arm, leg etc. are pretty useless and numb he says. He keeps saying we are doing too much, but we keep reassuring him that we could never be doing enough for him. Kent is his "main" helper in all areas of modesty =) If Russ needs help showering or in the bathroom Kent is the one to do it thus far. It doesn't even faze Kent and Russ has come around to having to be OK with having help like that. No one likes to have to have help and we all want to be independent don't we?!

The home care nurse came by on Sunday to see how we were doing and what we needed to make things easier in the home for Russ. She was great and we are so appreciative that there is this is a HUGE help! So Kent and I went into Airdire to the home care office and picked up the equipment we need to make life more comfortable and easier for Russ to do things in the washroom. We also got him a wheelchair as he just can't walk without help either anymore. He is getting so skinny and it shocks him every time he sees himself in the mirror. We are hoping to see the palliative care nurses today or tomorrow to get some more equipment in the house that we are needing for Russ.

Deb, Brynley and I took Russ to 2 appointments he had Monday in Calgary. I have to say I have a new respect for people who are in wheel chairs and all it entails to take them out and get things done. One was for his diabetes and teaching us how to feed him properly and manage things better for him. And the other was his last radiation treatment at the Tom Baker Cancer Center. Russ's head is VERY itchy because of the radiation treatments and his hair is now falling out. We were able to get some cream that should help his scalp from being so itchy as he isn't supposed to itch it AT ALL! So for now we will will put the cream on his scalp and comb his hair regularly to get all the loose hairs out of his way as they come out. It was a long day for Russ and he was exhausted by the time we got home.

When we did finally get home Kent's cousin Daryl had been at our house most the afternoon putting in a remote controlled ceiling fan/light in Deb and Russ's room for them. He was done installing it and it looked great and is already making such a big difference in their room. It get's so hot in there and they had a tall stand up fan, but it was in the way. So this is going to be a great help! Thanks SO MUCH Daryl you are wonderful!

Sheri and her boys arrived around supper time Monday. Sheri has been here the past couple of evenings to visit and help out with Russ and he has really enjoyed that. Sheri lives 45 minutes north of us. Russ loves his kids coming to visit and enjoys seeing the grand kids.

All of us helping Russ in this time of need is such a blessing for him and mostly us. I think giving of yourself is the best thing you can do when a loved one is going through something like this. It helps give you peace of mind and the feeling of thankfulness that you can do something to somewhat help ease his burden that he is having to face.

He is taking everything so well so far. He gets teared up every now and again, only mostly when he talks about his mission in Malaysia and when he hears from people and he is so touched by the love he has felt by SO SO many truly has just amazed him. He so badly wants to be back in Malaysia on his mission.

We are looking forward to Father's Day this weekend as it will be a special one for our family. Everyone is coming home and we are getting family picture's taken. And then we have made something for Russ and we will all just be together and have fun. We are going to be getting Russ a big comfy chair this week sometime to put out in the main kitchen area where he can sit and be a part of everything going on. It is a chair that can also help him sit and stand up so it will be great. Lot's to do before the weekend arrives =)

The kids...

Cole and Bryn having fun together downstairs

Every now and again when I am needing to get things done the boys will take Bryn downstairs and hold her while they play there games. She quite enjoys this! They give her a controller to hold so she thinks its great.


Laura said...

You are so amazing Barb, how lucky are they to have you as their daughter in-law. I love your blog and just began one myself, one aside from my teacher one. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Wow Barb! Your family is So cool in SO many ways....helping one another out......pulling together when the going gets rough. Amazing inspiration within the pages of this post!