Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In her own bed

Miss Brynley is FINALLY in her own bed! If you go back and read this post "baby steps" you will see how it all began.

She has been sleeping in her own room and her own bed since June 7th. The first night she had gotten out of bed roughly over 30 times within an hours time...I know, right!! But I was proud of us as we would take her right back in her room and put her back in her own bed. 
 Brynley in her own bed with Buddy at her feet and her Woody doll in her hands.

Every night that she slept in her own bed, the next morning she would get a prize. Her first night she got this Beauty and the Beast paper doll story book.

She LOVED it!!

 Brynley LOVES Beauty and the Beast anything.

I found these princess shoes for cheap so every morning she slept in her bed she would get to pick a pair of shoes to wear and play with.

It was so fun to watch her reaction as she picked a pair of shoes each morning!
Bryn trying to decide which shoe she wants. She had just woken up and since she slept all night in her own bed and room she gets to pick a pair of shoes.

Brynley all snuggled in bed ready to go to sleep.
She some times still gets up at least once in the night to either go potty or make sure we are still there. We just put her right back in her own bed once she is done going potty and she goes right back to sleep...usually!! 

Her bedtime routine: jammies, sippy cup of milk, brush teeth, potty, hug and kiss everyone good night, she turns on her princess night light, gets in bed, sing songs (sometimes read a story) and say prayers. 

Some of the songs we sing are:
"moo song" 
(Old McDonald)
"I miss you"
(I love you song from Barney)
(Twinkle, Twinkle little star)
(I am a Child of God)

Once that is all done we give each other big hug and kiss good night and she goes to sleep. As long as Buddy is at the foot of her bed, door open and night light on she is good.

I love that time with Brynley! Singing together, cuddling and just enjoying each other is just the best!!

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Lynn said...

YAY! Congratulations on getting Bryn through this next milestone of her life.