Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls and Boys

So, guess what? 

I have come to a hard realization boys are growing up...and I can't stop it!! ha ha

This Summer we have had some girls that keep showing up at our house asking for Tyson. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like that girls are showing up at our door wanting to be with Tyson (who I might add is only 10 3/4 yrs old) and hang out with him!? They tell him they love him daily...seriously!! 

I was raised that it is NOT ok for a girl to call a boy, let alone show up on his door step giggling and asking his Mom for him!!! 

Am I wrong to feel this way? 

Don't get me wrong as I had a lot of "boys" that were just my friends growing up and that to me is different.  
My sweet boys and I


Ohhhhh, I am SOOOOO NOT ready for this stage in my boys lives!!


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Lynn said...

HA! You and I are SO much alike. I get my "barbs up" whenever a girl calls the house for one of my boys. Or when they continually insist on taking them away from our family time. Doesn't sit right me me either. lol. I was totally raised the same way. It's not okay for a girl to be phoning a boy. ; D

Thank goodness our missionary boy didn't leave a girlfriend behind......cause she would have to fight her way past me at the airport to welcome him back!

Hang in there! Just stay on top of it. Show those girls who's boss. lol