Sunday, July 24, 2011

Church callings & responsibilites...

In our ward last month on the 5th Sunday, the Bishopric was teaching in the YM and YW's and Relief Society and Priesthood class was combined and the Bishop was speaking in there. Since the Bishopric was in with the Youth the leaders were all able to go in and listen to what the Bishop had to say. What he had to say amazed me as it was already something that had been in my thoughts earlier in the day. 

As I was getting ready for church that morning I was thinking how easy it would be to just stay home and be lazy and not go to church. I was so, so tired and just wanted to sleep...I need sleep!! I was looking in the mirror doing my hair as I was literally talking to myself in my head ha ha. Then the thought came to me...if I choose to stay home and not go, just because I am tired, what kind of example am I being to my kids? What does that teach them? It will teach them that laziness is ok and to put yourself first...NOT OK!!

Then I started thinking about the Prophet and all the leaders of the church small callings and big callings and how they too must have the same thoughts of wanting to "not go" as they are so tired I am sure....can you imagine if we all did that. The church would not be what it is today. I have such a respect for the people of the church who are dedicated to there callings and make the church run as it does.  

I was raised that if you have a calling you are to do matter your fear, not matter what is going on. And if for some reason you can't do it, make sure you are covered (like a sub or something) as that is the right thing to do. Can you imagine if the Prophet choose to just not show up cause he didn't feel like it or the get my point. 

As the Bishop spoke about missionary work and how it is up to us to get it done and do the service that is needed to accomplish all we need to to get the gospel out to all the world. He also touched on callings, Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching, reading our scriptures daily, Family Home Evening and daily prayers and how those are all the basics of things we are to do and if we can't even do the basics we have a real problem...cause those are JUST the basics of what we are asked. Why is it so hard for us to do as we are asked but yet when things go wrong in our life we wonder why...well, take a look at what you aren't doing and doing that is why!

As the Bishop was saying all this I felt the spirit VERY strongly and I knew the spirit was telling me that THIS is what is important and THIS is what needs to be made thee most important in my every day life. As the song goes Follow the Prophet and his words...don't just listen to what he is teaching us and guiding us to do...DO IT!!  He is telling us for a reason and it is up to us to do the follow through.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Seriously...could I be any prouder of you?! This blog of Following (doing) what the Prophet does is huge! Being a active member of this church is not easy...but oh it is so worth it! Your spiritual witness of that fact while the Bishop taught today was true as can be. Imagine if all the church adults lived a temple worthy life and the youth too and how strong our wards and families would be no matter what trials blew around us! "Faith in every foot step still applies today as in Pioneer times"

Lynn said...

AMen sister!! I couldn't agree with you more.

It's all a test of obedience isn't it.

If we just follow the prophet, how safe we would be in everything in our spiritual lives. Our testimonies are so fragile.......we need to just follow the prophet.