Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Words can't express...

Ok ladies, I know you are wishing this was your husband...but, he is MINE ALL MINE! This sexy beast is my dear sweet husband at his son's hockey game. One of the hockey Mom's was handing out these wigs for parents to wear and this is what I had to sit next to the whole game...try NOT to be jealous!!! One day your Prince Charming will come....mine sure did! (bwhahahaha)

Random pictures

I couldn't remember if I had already posted these pictures or not so if I did bear with me. Brynley adores her "stuffies and Dollies." This is how she watches her shows and hangs out. She is one content little girl as long as she has a stuffie/dollie, her blanket, soother and cup. High maintenance I say NOT!? (ha ha)

Brynley hanging out in the van in her car seat. She likes wearing my sun glasses. The top picture is my favorite with her foot sticking straight out...little diva!!

More randomness...
So I have been "trying" to be better at baking and cooking (neither a strong point). I have to say I am quite proud of myself as I made home made donuts for the first time in my life and they even tasted good ha ha!

My sister in law Niki and I made these together and we were quite proud of ourselves.

I am not a baker or cook by any means...but I do try!

New hairdo

I FINALLY got my hair was in need of major help. It is darker and it feels sooooo much better. Cole took this picture of Kent and I he was quite proud of himself...he did a good job =)


Kent and Barb said...

Cute pictures. Yes, I do think your 'Prince Charming' in one in a million . . . thank goodness. What a good sport to wear such a handsome wig in public. I don't know if I would have sat beside him though. Have a great day.


Lynn said...

LOL! You are SOoo funny! Kent is truly a GREAT sport! Lookin good Kent! ; )

And so are YOU missy!! WOW! The dark color suits you. So pretty! Really! Now I am tempted to change my color again.

Those pics of Brynley are hilarious! I love how you capture and record her personality so well.

Now how about sharing that DONUT recipe! YUMM!!!!

The Caballero's said...

First off, you look FAB.. oh and so does Kent.Most especially with the wig :) second, now that I am looking at those donuts, all of my hard work telling myself that I dont need another pound on my body has gone out the window. I would drive to your house TONIGHT just to eat one :) The look delish. I love love love the picture of Bryn with her little leg out... you'll have to be all over her in her teen years :) So pretty.

Kent and Barb said...

Kent looks soooo scary as a rocker or british weirdo...we will keep the real Kent! Brynley is precious as usual. Donuts look yummie and you and Kent look lovely. Keep um commining!

Love to all
Aunt Tanya and Uncle Wayne xxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo

Erica said...

Want those donuts and love your hair! :)

Gayla said...

Your last picture is so special. You and Kent make a handsome couple. Good sport to Kent wearing that wig in the first picture...the look on his face is hilarious.
I gained weight just looking at those doughnuts...oh yum!
Loved reading all your blog. Miss my grandkids big time!!
Love to you all...