Friday, March 5, 2010

Bye to Russ and Family

Ok so I am sooooooo behind on my blog. I don't know what my problem has been lately, but to sit down and do it has been hard. Mind you not having much sleep and being exhausted all the time doesn't help either =) So here it goes...

My brother Russell and his wife Johanna and their 2 girls Jada (9 years old) and Paige (7 years old) have officially moved to Brandon Manitoba as of this past Friday (Feb 5th). Russell got a job transfer out to the TD bank out there...he is a Bank Manager.

They lived in Okotoks. We met up with them for dinner in Calgary Tuesday night (Feb 2) at Tony Roma's Resturant. It was nice to visit with them and have a chance to say goodbye. The food was DELICIOUS and the company was even better =) We wish them the best and hope to go visit them in their new home at some point.

Becky and Family...

My sister Becky and her family came up for a visit Thursday, February 4th until Saturday. They don't come up hardly ever so we were really excited to have them here.

Katie (4 years old) and Brynley (16 months old) dancing away in our kitchen. They had a BLAST together!!

They played and played...Katie is SO good with Brynley!

Brynley knows some sign language and so when she pats her belly that means PLEASE. So, Katie learned this and had fun doing it back to Brynley. They would just giggle as they signed to one another.

Katie and Brynley with their "blankies" all passed out on my bed after a long day of fun together.

The Leavitt's had come up as their oldest son Austin (15 years old) was in a basketball tournament in Airdrie. We were able to watch 2 of his games and it was great to be able to watch him in action.

Brynley's FIRST haircut (Friday, Feb 5, 2010)...

Becky is a hairdresser so we put her to work while they were staying with us. Brynley has some CRAZY hair and it gets LOT'S of knots in it since she has a little bit of curl in the back. Becky decided to trim it up to help out with that situation and even out the ends. Brynley did so good and just watched her show as Becky cut her hair.

Aunt Becky was VERY pleasantly surprised with how still Brynley sat. Becky also got a good tummy workout because of the way she was sitting while doing the haircut ha ha!

It was such a fun weekend having them here. The kids weren't happy to say goodbye!

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