Friday, March 5, 2010

Russ's Birthday

Today (Friday, March 5) is Russ's Birthday and it is our first one without him here. We are told all of the "firsts" without him are the hardest. We are going down to Cardston today for the weekend as Kent is wanting to go visit Russ's grave site.
Here are some miscellaneous pictures of Russ...

Kent, Tyson, Cole and Russ

Kent and his Dad

Russ and his brother in law Gary being silly

Russ holding Brynley just hours after she was born

Stanford Family 2009

Deb and Russ 2009

Russ and Bryn 2009

We love and miss Russ everyday! He is always in our thoughts.

Happy Birthday Russ!!

Cole going to the Temple...
We are also going down to Cardston because Cole is going to do Baptisms for the dead tonight at the Temple with all of our ward Young Men for the first time...he is SO excited! And we are SO excited for him as to come =)

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Lynn said... are so right. The firsts are always the hardest.

Dean's family is headed to the temple for a whole temple day on his mom's birthday at the end of this month. It will be her first birthday without her too.

I look at these pictures you posted and I get SO happy and excited. It's like Russ still here with us. Isn't modern technology so wonderful!?? We are so blessed to live where we do.......there is so much availability of ways to keep our memories alive.

Happy Birthday Russ!