Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rascall Flatts concert

My wonderful husband surprised me with tickets to the Rascal Flatts concert for last Tuesday evening in Calgary. It was AWESOME!!!

Kent is NOT a country music fan, but he was willing to go to it because he knew how much I liked this group and how THRILLED I was going to be. Their music is so good and has so much meaning to their songs.

Kent and I on our way out the door. I was SO excited I was bursting (ha)!

Our sister in law Melanie babysat for us so we could go...THANKS AGAIN MELANIE you are the BEST!!!

We met up with Sheri and Mike, Angie and Gord for dinner in Airdrie and then we all headed to the concert.

Darius Rucker opened the show for Rascal Flatts and he was GREAT!! He has such a nice voice and was even cracking jokes and making us laugh.

Right after the opening singer was done and while we were waiting for Rascal Flatts to come out I headed out to go use the washroom. The line up to the bathrooms was INSANE so I decided I would hold it. As we went back to go to our seats the usher asked us, "are you sitting up high there" and I said "yes". He turned around and pointed to the seats behind him (which was the first tier balcony seats right close to the stage) and asked us "would you like to sit there instead"? I looked at Kent and smiled at the usher and I said, "are you serious" and he smiled and said "yes"! I told them there was another couple with us and he said no problem tell them to come on down. I couldn't believe our luck...AWESOME!!!!!

We only had our camera phone so the pics aren't that great, but at least we got some.

OK so every time one of them would go up on one of the platforms that came up by us I would wave like an idiot of course LOL. One time Jay (one of the guitar players, the better looking one) went up on the platform and I was waving away at him and he waved and nodded to me. Kent and I laughed as we were kind of shocked. When we looked back at him he was looking at us again smiling and shook his head and finger at was GREAT!!

This is one of my favorite music groups for sure. Their song My Wish is one of my is something I would like my kids to listen to if I was no longer hear...morbid I know ha ha, but true!

Sheri and I at the concert...happy, happy, happy to be there!

For the closing song they had Darius Rucker come back out on stage (which I thought was awesome as that usually never happens) and sing with them. He even sang the lead part to one of the Rascal Flatts songs called Life is a Highway. Soooooo dang good!!!

My ears were literally ringing all the way home as it was so loud in there. Even when I woke up the next morning I felt like I could hardly hear (ha)! It was all good though and we had such a great time!

THANK YOU Kent you are such a thoughtful husband...I love you!!!


cheetah said...

HOw awesome they are a great band!

Lynn said...

That is SO cool of your husband to do that for you!!!!

Looks like it was the perfect night! How lucky was that for the Usher to be right there at that time on your way back to you seats?! So cool!! What a thrill it would of been.