Friday, November 6, 2009


So I am not one who likes to gut pumpkins. It is A LOT of work and nasty feeling...too slimy for me! Soooo this year I decided I would buy fake pumpkins and have the kids decorate them. They had a lot of fun doing it. When they were done they put their names on the bottom and the year. Then we can bring them out every year and add to them each year by making new ones.

I made Bryn's for her and Cole and Ty did their own all by themselves. They did a great job!


This is Little Miss with her cute little Love Bug costume on. We were on our way out the door Saturday afternoon to Tyson's hockey game in Crossfield. I thought it would be fun to take her to the arena in her costume...and it was =) Everyone thought she looked so cute.
Brynley enjoying the game watching Tyson from the bleachers. She would even clap when we all clapped and cheered. She thinks it is so great there!


Cole was a glow in the dark skeleton, Tyson was some sort of scary dude (ha) and Brynley was a Love Bug

Boys are funny as they always have to be something scary or least mine like to be anyways! They were happy so that is all that matters.
The kids went trick or treating with their cousins Jade (princess), Logan (Bumblebee Transformer), Kori (Uniqua) and Avery (bunny) in Crossfield.
They had a good time and at least the weather was somewhat OK. That darn wind was what made it chilly! Kent was waiting for the boys over at his brothers place and when they were done that is where they went. Kent siad that Ty went and sat at the kitchen table to look at all of his candy. A few minutes went by and Kent looked up at Ty and he had fallen asleep at the table...poor guy was so tired! Too funny =)


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

The kids looked great in their costumes. About the pumpkin situation DITTO! I hate that tradition for the same reasons. Glenn told me that he wanted to have it anyway. Your idea may bring a whole new perspective of "scarving"(decorate) them.

Lynn said...

Decorating FAKE pumpkins??!!

You are SO SMART!!! Love the idea!~

Erica said...

Yeah I missed the FAKE pumpkins part on the first pass and was a bit confused. LOL. Mommy brain.
Your kids look like mine. Scary costumes broken up by the smallest one as a cute love bug!! She looks adorable.