Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy 34th Birthday to ME!!

I woke up this morning at 6:30 am a little confused as to what was going on as there was only Kent and I in our bed. I then realized Brynley was NOT in our bed with us and so therefore she had slept through the night in her own bed HALLELUJAH...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!!! ha ha It was a GREAT beginning to my Birthday =)

Little Miss sound asleep...awwwww!!! Mind you, this picture isn't her asleep in her own bed ha was taken just the other day and I thought she looked so cute the way she fell asleep like this.
Then the phone rang around 8am and it was my sister Emily calling from Utah. My parents are down there visiting them and they were all calling on the speaker phone to sing Happy Birthday to me (Emily 's husband and there 5 kids did as well). It was AWESOME!!! After they were done singing my Dad said, "do ya feel the love Barb?" I most definitely felt the love =) It helped make my day that much greater!

My Birthday dinner...
My sister in law Sheri called me yesterday (Thursday, November 10th) to inform me that we were going out for my bday dinner in Olds (as that is half way between where she lives and here we live) and we would be eating at Boston Pizza for dinner and she had made me a cake as well! I thought that was great as we hadn't planned on doing anything.

Sheri and Mike, Bryn, Kent and I at our table at Boston Pizza

Jeff and his family came, Debbie came and then of course our 2 boys (Cole and Tyson) and Sheri's 2 boys (Taylor and Josh). We were all sat kind of all over the place as that was the only way they could fit all of us in there LOL. SO, the 4 boys sat way on the other side of the restaurant at there own table (which they thought was GREAT). And then Jeff and his family along with Deb sat a booth away from us. It was too bad it was like that as then we couldn't all visit, but there was nothing we could do about it.

Here is my Kori (Jeff and Melanie's 2 year old) peeking over there booth saying, "Hi Byeb" (that is how she says Barb...soooo cute!) She is so dang funny and cute! I love her!!

This is the cake Sheri made was YUMMY!! The cake dish she brought it on was my gift as well. It is a beautiful cake platter/punch bowl that she etched an S onto the front of the glass lid and then under the cake on the glass she also etched Stanford...SO creative and such an amazingly thoughtful gift I have to say!

They all sang Happy Birthday to me as well...loved it!! The cake was SO was chocolate with pudding and carmel inside...ya that is right, wipe the drool off your face LOL! When we were done we were FULL! Thanks to Sheri for making my Bday dinner happen, for the wonderful cake and the GREAT Birthday gift!
How funny is this picture ha ha!? Here is Brynley after she had had some cake...hmmm, do you think she liked it LOL

Today really was a good day from beginning to end...I am so truly blessed to have the family and friends that I have. THANK YOU for loving me!!
I am REALLY having a hard time believing I am 34 years old...UGH!? I don't FEEL like I am 34 years old (whatever that should feel like ha ha)...I still feel like I am a young thing! =) I guess that is ALL that matters then really LOL

Remembrance Day...
When I was growing up I didn't always like having my birthday on Remembrance Day. I never felt like it was "my own day"...I also felt like it was such a sad day as well for those around me. BUT, as I have grown up I truly can say how much I appreciate sharing this special day with the soldiers we have lost and those who are serving us now and those who have served us. I am SO thankful to them for my freedom! And now I can say I feel very blessed to have Remembrance Day as my Birthday!
Today just before it was 11 am we were in Winners shopping and a lady began speaking over the intercom in the store. So we all paused when she began to speak as it was of course about the soldiers. We stood there in silence for a full minute. It was amazing how quite the store still everyone and everything was. I was very thankful that the Winners staff did this as it was SO important.

Thanks to everyone for all the Birthday calls, emails and messages! It meant alot and it helped make my day a good one =)


Lynn said...

Oh that is SO cool! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARB!!!!

Nov. 11th is Dean's and my 22nd Engagement Anniversary. I know what you mean about it being a sad AND happy day all at the same time!

And you know what else??? I am 44 in a couple of weeks. That means you are exactly a DECADE YOUNGER than me! Ha! LOL!

I am so glad you had a wonderful day. Your family truly rocks to do all that for you!!!

Erica said...

Happy Belated!!! I'm such a dork that I'd forgotten you'd gone private with your blog and kept looking at the updates on the side of my blog just thinking you'd not updated in a while. It takes me a while but I catch on-LOL.
That little girl of yours is SO cute! Love the pic of her sleeping with her hand propped under her chin. I'm so glad you've got such an amazing family-you deserve it girl! Hugs from here.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Happy b-day!!! I'm so glad you had a good fun b-day. I'm still waiting for LAS VEGAS details:)