Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Russ and Neil

Where do I begin...

It has only been 3 months since Russ passed away...who would have thought one of his closest friends would be joining him so soon. Niel Quinton (who is Sheri's father in law) and Russ were such close friends...Niel's death has come as quite the blow to all of us. Niel passed away 1 week ago (Wednesday, October 7 2009)...only 10 days after finding out he had cancer. The whole time he was in the hospital we are told Niel kept saying he was ready to go and to just let him go as Russ was waiting for him...that there was lot's of "work" that needed to be done and he needed to go help. It was AMAZING to hear what Niel had to say.

Niel's funeral was on Monday (Thanksgiving Day). It was a really nice funeral and it was neat to learn more about this very selfless man. Russ was mentioned a lot and the tears were steady as this is all just too fresh...and SO similar to what we just went through with Russ. It was hard to be there, but we wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Our love goes out to Sheri and her family. Sheri just lost her Dad and now her father in law whom she was close her boys have now lost 2 grandpa's within 3 months of each other. So hard, but they are doing OK!

Southern Alberta trip this past June...

Niel and his wife Donna were generous enough to offer to take Russ and Deb down to southern Alberta this past June in their motor home so Russ could accomplish his "wish list." Here are some photos from that trip...

Niel and Russ in Waterton enjoying ice cream. Love this picture as they are both so happy...they were both diabetics so them having ice cream was a HUGE no no! LOL

Niel, Donna, Deb and Russ

Niel pushing Russ in his wheel chair around Waterton. Love the view of the mountains in the background...

What an AWESOME photo isn't it?! So fitting, such great men!

We are So thankful to Niel and Donna for taking Russ and doing this special trip for him and giving him the peace that he needed to get his "wish list" wouldn't have happened without them.

Niel will be sadly missed! We are SO thankful that he didn't have to suffer long. We can just imagine Russ and Niel together "gettin'er done!"

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Lynn said...

Oh wow Barb! I had no idea. So much has happened while we were away.

This post just gives me the goosebumps like crazy!!! The Lord TRULY has his hand in all things. How sweet that these two best friends are now working side by side together on the other side. The veil is SO thin, isn't it.

This post just makes my testimony all the stronger. Thanks SO much for sharing it.