Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tyson Jeffrey Stanford
October 9, 2000
9 pounds 2 oz. 21 inches long

When Tyson was born he was born on Thanksgiving Day. Isn't that neat! To be honest at the time I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving Day until after he was born and the nurse brought me a small Thanksgiving even had a pumpkin pie tart on the tray.

Cole and Tyson are 2 years and 9 months apart. When Tyson was born Cole was the happiest older brother around. When I was in the hospital and Kent brought Cole up to meet Ty for the first time it is a moment I will never forget. I could hear Cole's little feet running down the hospital hallway towards my room and he was saying, "my brader, my brader!" He literally came busting into my room (thank goodness I had my own room) and the door banged open really loudly.

I was in tears already as my heart was just SO over joyed at that moment. I had 2 boys (all I could have ever asked for at the time). When Cole came over and saw Tyson he was so in love with his new baby brother. We loved how he loved him...ohhhhh how he loved him!

Random pics of Ty over the years
School Birthday celebration...

Bryn was one angry girl that morning. In the bottom right picture you can see she finally fell asleep once we left the school. She had a frown on her face and tears down her cheeks and red blotches all over her face from crying so much...but she was FINALLY asleep!

I took a cluster of helium Birthday balloons and cupcakes to Tyson's classroom at the elementary school Thursday (Oct 8) for Tyson's Birthday. His birthday wasn't until (Friday, Oct 9) but they didn't have school that day so I figured I would do it Thursday instead.

He was SO thrilled when I walked in holding all those balloons and cupcakes (and a crying Brynley LOL). He took the cupcakes from me and started handing them out. Today was his buddy Paden's Birthday and he is in Ty's class...I didn't want him to feel left out so I told Paden this was all for him as well. I took half of the balloons I brought for Ty and tied them to Paden's desk so he would feel special too. Paden had the biggest grin on his was AWESOME! I tied the rest of the balloons to Tyson's desk and everyone was happy and loading up on cupcakes. Nothing feels better than making people feel good =)

Birthdays are ALWAYS a big deal in our family. I love making them feel so special and loved!

9th Birthday party at Chuckee Cheese...
Tyson wanted his bday party this year to be at Chuckee Cheese. Every other year we let the kids have "friend" bday parties and the off year is just a family bday party. Chuckee Cheese is a VERY expensive place so we let him invite 1 friend (Paden) and then he wanted to have his brother and 4 of his cousins (Taylor, Josh, Jade and Logan) that live close by us.

All the kids playing at the games. We ended up buying more tokens as they just don't get that many with the bday package. They all did very well and won lot's of tickets and then got to go pick out whatever prize they could with the amount of tickets they had won.

Tyson got sang to and hugged and danced with Chuckee Cheese himself. Ty was VERY embarrassed by this as EVERYONE there was watching. There were 2 other bday kids getting it done to them at the same time as well.

Tyson wanted a Harry Potter cake, so that is what he got. When he blew out his candles there were 4 that he missed. He got a lot of teasing from his cousins and friend. Ty had a big grin on his face as having 4 candles left meant he had "4 girlfriends."

Ty opening some of his gifts. Part of his gift from his Aunt Melanie was a massive box of mini chocolate bars LOL I couldn't believe it...Tyson thought it was the best gift ever.

Kent surprised Ty with a Jerome Iginla Calgary Flames hockey jersey. He made Tyson one happy little boy!

A special thanks to Niki for coming and helping with everything. I couldn't have done it without her help =)

Here is Tyson on the way home from his party (ha ha) do you think he is tired?! Poor Paden didn't know what to do or think when he realised Ty had fallen asleep on his shoulder LOL!

Had to put this picture in as I thought it was hilarious! Here is Brynley on the way home...she is ready to party. She has Ty's bday hat on and her hands in the Chuckee Cheese tokens cups and couldn't be happier =)

We love this boy very much! We can't get over how big he is getting...time seems to be flyin' by! He will always be our baby boy =) He is our tender hearted little boy and I love that he is still at that innocent naive age.



The Caballero's said...

Oh Barb! What is with all the posts making me cry! Enough I tell you. Enough!

Very sweet stories. I loved them all :) He looks like such a wonderful big brother and such a blessing to your family.

Lynn said...

Wow! What an awesome tribute. I am with the commenter above. I can feel the love in your household big time. We too make birthdays a big deal around here. But I don't think I could compete with all your great ideas. LOL! : D

That cake was amazing!! Did you do that??

Kent and Barb said...

Thanks guys!

LOL No Lynn, I didn't do that cake...I was still too exhausted from doing Bryn's cake to even think of making another one =) Plus Ty said he wanted this specific one so I was MORE than happy to buy it.