Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This and that...

I found this on you tube the other day and I find myself playing it over and over and humming it through out my day. It is just one of those songs that make me feel happy!

For me, I find that music can really affect me and move me. How about you? 

Stanford happenings...
For the past week, we have all been working hard around our house trying to get things better organized and doing some painting. We moved our computer room/craft room downstairs in the spare room down there. That way the bedroom upstairs is now made back into a bedroom again and opened up for another foster child if and when needed. Their bedroom has to be upstairs if they are under 12 years old. So that room is now emptied out and Kent patched and sanded the walls and then last night we painted the first coat on the walls in there. We are hoping to get it finished by tomorrow's hoping?!

The computer room/craft room is all moved down and almost all set up. A few more things need to be put away and then it is done. It has been A LOT of work! BUT, it feels good to be getting it all done. 

A couple of weeks ago Kent painted the basement as well...the main living area. It looks so much better and not so dark and dreary. Our basement is all developed, but it definitely feels like a basement. The color on the walls before were a dark green type of color that was there when we moved it was pretty dark down there. Now we painted it a lighter tan color and man did that make a difference...feels better and lighter now. One day we would like to put bigger windows in the basement. 

Birthday card funny...
It was my sister in law Melanie's birthday last week and I was out trying to find a bday card for her. I had Brynley and Izabella with me so it was a tricky process...I was trying to be quick, as they were grabbing at all the cards as I was reading other ones. Brynley had grabbed a card and kept saying, 

"hi Daddy, hi" 

and then she was pulling on my coat saying 

"Mum, wook Daddy" 
 (in other words, Mom look its Daddy) 

I looked down to see what she was talking about and this is what she was holding...BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
 Oh my goodness I laughed and laughed as she kept pointing to it saying that that was Daddy. I took a picture of it and sent it to Kent's cell phone showing him what Brynley thinks he looks like :) So funny!!

 Well, this is what Brynley was doing one day as we were driving somewhere...she was giggling so hard when I looked at her. Silly girl, so lady like LOL!

 Tyson wearing some 3D glasses that he popped the lenses out of while we were driving somewhere in the van. He thinks they are pretty cool ha ha! What a kid :)

First night gown...
 We bought Bryn this nightgown down in Utah when we were there. Brynley LOVES Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. PLUS, she likes to dress up and she likes the feel of silky things on her this is all that wrapped up in one :)
If you click on the collage to make it bigger you can see in the top right picture she is doing the funniest cheesy grin...she was one happy girl to have this nightgown.

She was hilarious to watch as she gasped when she saw it and she was so excited to put it on. She just kept watching herself in the hallway mirror saying, 

"Hi Belle...oh pretty, pretty. " 

She can't say nightgown...what she does say is,

"my gow" 
(my gown) LOL!
This is the Brynley and Buddy the very next morning we had gotten home from Utah. They hadn't seen each other the night before so when Bryn saw him that morning she went running over to him squealing as she was so happy to see him (she hadn't seen him for almost a week). She laid right down with him and kept saying to him, 

"I me you Buddy, you me me?" 
(I missed you Buddy, you missed me?)

It was so sweet to see them together and so happy to see each other...ok, maybe Brynley was happier to see Buddy than Buddy was to see Bryn LOL

 Cole's new glasses...
Cole's old glasses were literally falling apart so we needed to get him a new pair. Cole is a creature of habit and staying with simple is better guidelines as he doesn't want to stand out. So in other words he doesn't like too many trendy things :)
 New glasses

When we went to a few different places to try and find him some new glasses we found the perfect ones...AND, they were even a little bit trendy and stylish. He was really happy with them and so was I...change is always a good thing! He looks great in them!!
 Old glasses

 I keep threatening we are going to move if this weather doesn't go away already!!
This was a couple of weeks ago. We got stuck in Jeff's driveway as the snow was so wet and so deep. Jeff is standing in the hole we were stuck in in our is almost up to his knee. We were lucky as a guy was driving by with his truck and he pulled us out. 

Our sweet Bella is so, so sick! She has 2 ear infections and strep throat...poor girl. Plus they think she has asthma since her cough and runny nose just won't go away. She has been coughing and had a runny nose since they day she came here...almost 2 months ago. SO, needless to say I think she as a crappy immune system and we are trying to get this little girl better. We tried giving her some natural stuff to see if that would work (for about a week) and it didn't seem to be helping. So therefore we went and got the medicine she was needing...hopefully this will help her get better ASAP!

 This is what the AeroChamber looks like and how we have to give it to Bella.

She is now using a puffer for her asthma and we have to use a AeroChamber mask thing to spray the medicine into it while it is covering her mouth to make sure she is getting it. She surprised us by taking it really well and not freaking out. She is also on penicillin and Tylenol. 

She wants to be held constantly since she isn't feeling Bryn, Bella and I spend a lot of time on my bed cuddling watching T.V. and my house looks like a bomb went off LOL!  At least she is still sleeping through the night :) 


Lynn said...

You ain't kidding about being busy! Wow. My hats off to you.

I LOVED that video you shared. I too am moved by so many good pieces of music these past few years. Hard to believe I was in a band that played music I hardly even listen to anymore. lol My head and heart certainly weren't in the right place then.

Barb Stanford said...

Hi Barb

Hope you have all your painting done. Don't work tooooooooo hard. Tell Cole I love his glasses they look great on him. He is getting so grown up.

Love you all,

The Stanfords said...

Is she still sniffly when she's away from you guys for a while? I wonder if she has pet allergies.

Barb Stanford said...

I had the same thought, that maybe Bella was allergic to Buddy. But since she came to us already in the state she is in they said it is not likely as they didn't have any pets at her house. Plus, when she was away from us while we were in Utah she got WAYYYYY go figure!