Thursday, April 28, 2011


We usually do Easter on Saturday at our house. But, since we were down in Cardston at my Grandma's funeral it didn't happen. So we did it Sunday morning instead. 
bottom left: Nathaniel and Bella's baskets
bottom right: Cole, Tyson and Bryn's baskets

I can't show any of the other pictures as Bella and Nathaniel are in them, so this will have to do. The kids were all smiles and happy to get their baskets.

Nathaniel (our 6 year old foster boy) had never had the Easter bunny come to his house before, so he was pretty excited to wake up to all this excitement. 

Cole had come to me last week asking for a new John Bytheway CD instead of candy in a basket. How cool is that! He has 2 of John Bytheway's CD collections and he really likes them...he listens to them as he goes to sleep every night. He has listened to them over and over and is wanting something new to listen to. We were more than happy to get him something new. In fact we bought him a couple of new CD's by 2 different guys:

 Cole said they are both REALLY good and they made him laugh.
I LOVE that he connects with these kinds of things and learns so much from them :)

 Easter Story

 I bought this childrens book from our church book store and it is the cutest book. You can't see it in this picture, but it is all glittery and such a pretty book. We read it to the kids Sunday morning as it explains what each color symbolizes in the basket and walks you through the Bible story of why we celebrate Easter...really, really neat!

Hope you all had a GREAT Easter!!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

So fun! Good for you guys!
Got thinking...all your awesome family pictures that are up and around the house.
Maybe take some of the foster kids and put them up too so they feell like they belong.
Just a thought!

Lynn said... tears me up reading that this was someone's first Easter and he is already 6. That is so sweet what you guys are doing.

Our Curtis LOVE John Bytheway stuff too!! We have so many CD's and books of his. GOod for Cole!! HE is a good kid.