Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another new addition

Wednesday, April 20th we got a call from our foster agency and we now have another addition to our family for the time being. He is a sweet boy and 6 years old. He has great manners and is doing as good as can be expected. Actually, he is so sweet and is typical for his age. He asks SO many random questions... 

Why is the cement gray? 

Why do you have a deck? 

Why does Bella cry so much? LOL 

Why does Brynley kiss you so much? 

you get the point...he asks A LOT of questions :) 

Being a family of 7 has its challenges, but seriously he is so good he really does make it easy. He is learning to say prayers (he didn't know what they were) and he really likes me to say them every night with him now after we read a book. 

We don't know how long he will be with us, but for now we will just enjoy having him in our home. He came with us down to Cardston to my Grandma's funeral and had a great time at the hotel swimming and playing with our boys. At one point he was standing beside me at the family dinner and he slipped his hand in mine and held my was the sweetest thing! So I am glad he is getting comfortable with us.

Easter Break...
Our boys don't have school this week and we don't have any plans really. I feel bad about not going anywhere or doing anything, but this year we are just going to be home doing nothing. 

We did take them to see the movie Rio and they really liked that. Cole might be going to Strathmore Wednesday night to stay with his buddy Tyler until Sunday. Tyson has been hanging out with friends as well and having a good time.

Paper route...
Cole started a paper route last Wednesday, April 20th.

When the papers got dropped off at our house this is what we saw when we opened our front door. How cool is that that they left a Chocolate Easter bunny for him? Very thoughtful of them I thought :)

This is only a small amount of the papers he delivers.

Once the papers get delivered to our house Cole has to roll them up and put an elastic around each one and bag them if the weather is wet out. My front room gets taken over every Wednesday after school with all the newspapers as he is rolling them all and preparing to go. Then he goes and delivers them. He has about 109 houses that he delivers too.
We bought this little cart for him to use...but it doesn't hold very much. So for now he is loading it and a back pack and making due by coming back and loading back up when he needs more.

Cole's friend Nathan and his brother Tyson were nice enough to help Cole deliver the papers for the first time.
The boys out in our cul-de-sac starting the route.

Cole is wanting to save up for a scooter, so he figures doing this paper route will help contribute towards getting one. When he is 14 years old (which is this coming January) he will be allowed to ride one around town.
 This isn't the exact one he wants...but you get the picture :) How fun would that be for him and his buddies to all have scooters and be driving around??? I think it would be wicked fun LOL!!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Wow what a project!
Good for him!

I was thinking that Nathaniel really does love you and are so kind to him and teaching him family things that he has never had before. Bless you in all your efforts.

the Lord is very pleased with how you are loving your children and YOUR foster children.

I love you too.

Lynn said...

Boy can I relate to the paper routes. We have had papers on our door steps and in our livingroom being sorted for more than....well, Cassie was about 8 and she is almost 25 and the kids are still doing them. So let's do the math. lol ; D Good for Cole! It really is a good job for kids his age.