Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Cole!

Cole Russell Stanford
January 10, 1998
8lbs 5 3/4 oz 21in. long

Our Cole has been SO excited about turning 12 years old...the count down has been on for at least a couple of years ha ha!
Cole has been watching the boys in our church (Deacons) who are 12 years old and older that pass the sacrament. He has always said, "Mom, I can't wait till I can do that." Cole wanted a suit when he turned 12 as all the boys that pass the sacrament in our ward wear a suit (which by the way looks so sharp) we got him one and man does he look incredibly grown up and handsome!

Cole had his bishops interview a couple of weeks before he turned 12. Cole was nervous, but SO excited to talk with the bishop and hear about what responsibilities he now would hold since he was turning 12. Being worthy to get the Priesthood means alot to Cole. He came out of his interview beaming with pride and excitement. We had a good talk with the bishop as well...our bishop is such a good guy! On the way home after his interview Cole had a lot to say ha ha. He talked THE WHOLE way home and we just listened and smiled. He told us how he is now one of the Bishop's helpers when the Bishop calls on him, he has the Priesthood and ALL the responsibility that holds, passing the sacrament, being able to go to the Temple and do baptisms for the dead etc. His goal is to get his Eagle Scout Award as well by the time he is 14 years old.

Cole turned 12 years old on a Sunday. We all got ready for church and then we let him open one of his bday was from Bryn and Tyson. It was a Nerf gun that shoots like a machine gun...very powerful and fast. He thought it was great.

Cole, Kent and Bishop Woolf

Kent was a proud Dad this day as it has been a day that was talked about with his own Dad (Russ) right before he passed away. When Russ was sick he had told Kent that one of his goals was to try to make it to Cole's 12 birthday so he could be there to help set apart his first grandson and see him get the Priesthood. Russ so wanted to be there for this special day...but Heavenly Father had other plans for him. After Cole's bishop interview a couple of weeks ago Kent told Cole about his conversation with his Dad (Cole's Papa) and how badly Papa wanted to be there with Cole. There were a lot of tears as we talked to him and explained what Papa had said to Kent. We explained to Cole that obviously Papa isn't going to be there "physically" but that he would definitely be there in spirit. Cole said he couldn't wait even more now as he knew Papa would be there with us all.
Most of Kent's siblings and his Mom where there for this special day (his brother Mike and his family didn't make it). It meant a lot to us that they were there and those that couldn't come from my side of the family called and talked to Cole and that made his day. He said he couldn't believe how many phone calls he got and that he was SO happy for all that made the effort to actually be there to show there love and support for him.
Kent had his 2 brothers Jeff and Gary along with my Dad and the bishop and his counsellors, Niki's husband Darren and Sheri's husband Mike all in the circle to set apart Cole. Words cannot even begin to describe the spirit in the room that day. It was VERY evident to us all that Russ was there. Kent did a good job and there was a lot of tears. Kent missed his Dad tremendously on this day...but it was amazing to know Russ was there with us all. The Bishop commented on how special he thought it was for everyone to be there for Cole like this.
Lucas, Brynley, Kori and Roel playing with play dough in Nursery
My calling in our ward is a nursery helper. I teach kids starting from 18 months-3 years old. We usually have roughly 10 kids every Sunday. The Sunday that Cole was set apart was a fun one as we had 4 cousins together Lucas, Brynley, Kori and Roel all together in the nursery. It was fun!
It was a great Sunday and everyone came out to our house afterwards to have supper and play games. I had asked Cole what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he requested Hamburger Stroganoff with Rice. Thank goodness my Mom was there to help me make it all...she made it taste even better than I do =) It was so good and every got full, so that was great!
Cole checking out his cake and blowing out all 12 candles.
Cole wanted a DQ icecream cake so that is what he got. Ice cream cakes are so yummy so we were more than happy to get that for him.
Ok so I will explain this next picture ha ha! Cole is a goalie on his hockey team and for his Birthday gift we bought him a new goalie bag that he wanted so ALL of his pads and equipment could fit into it. So let's just say it is HUGE!!!

Sheri, Tyson and Josh inside Cole's goalie bag...Sheri said 1 more person could have fit in there with them ha!
So when the bag got brought in to Cole everyone was amazed at how LARGE it was. And out of nowhere Sheri was opening it up and laying down in it...ha ha! Then Tyson and Josh decided to join in.

All 3 of them are in there with the zipper shut...too funny!

Cole's Birthday was a GREAT day to say the least! He had the biggest smile on his face from the beginning to the end. We sure love that boy and we just can't get over the fact that he is 12 years old. I was nervous with him turning 12 I will be honest as it brings A LOT of responsibility with it...BUT, now seeing how it has changed him and helped him grow so much already I understand why they get things done at 12 years old!
This New Year has started off with such a HUGE spiritual high note that we are expecting lot's of GOOD things to come this year! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU once again to everyone who called and came to show Cole so much love and support. He truly felt it and that means the world to us!


Heather said...

How fun that your oldest is now 12! Wow! And impressed that he was SO excited to be able to pass the sacrament! What an amazing young man! Congrats!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

The young men in our ward wear suits and ties with white shirts as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's like a right to a passage. They all look So sharp while taking their priesthood seriously and treat it with specialness.

Cole you look SO handsome in your new suit.