Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas fun!

Holt Family Christmas
(Saturday December 19, 2009)

My side of the family gets together each year usually the weekend before Christmas. The kids really look forward to it as we do so many fun activities with all their cousins. We stayed at my parents place (Kent, Bryn and I) and the boys stayed at my sister Becky's house so they could be with their cousins.
We started off the day by going and having breakfast over at Becky and Marty's. They cooked up a yummy breakfast for everyone. Then we headed over to the Cardston Elementary School and played games in the gym there.

Grandma and Grandpa received an "anonymous bag" of presents that they distributed to all the grand kids that they each got to open. Grandpa read the note that was attached to them and what they were to do with them =) They were all sorts of fun different games. The kids thought this was GREAT and they all had a good time playing with all the games.

Bryn cuddling with her new stuffed giraffe and her Aunt Becky. Brynley's Aunt Johanna bought her the stuffed giraffe and Bryn LOVES it. It is really big (bigger than Bryn) but it is SO soft and light so Bryn just carry's it all around the house. She is a "stuffie" girl and loves all dollies and "stuffies" (stuffed animals) that she comes in contact with.
Everyone playes dodge ball in the gym as well. That was really fun...really exhausting as well ha ha! This is always the kids favorite game to play in the gym. Once we were done there we headed over to my sister Deb's house for lunch. It was delicious and very filling. Deb is an amazing cook!

Tyson, Jada and Wilson eating at the Cahoon's house for lunch. Deb had made her famous home made buns and home made chicken noodle soup...YUMMMMMM!!
After that everyone went to the movie theatre in town as we had it rented so we could all watch a Christmas show. The kids thought this was an awesome idea. Bryn and I didn't go as we both needed to nap.

Once we were done there we went back over to my sister Deb's house to have family home evening.
We sang Christmas songs and them the kids that wanted to shared a "talent" with us a song on the piano, played an instrument etc. Tyson sang one of his Christmas songs he sang in his Christmas school play. And Cole was supposed to play us a song on his trumpet, but got to nervous and decided not too...I was really looking forward to it!

My sister in law Johanna, my sister Becky and I hanging out

All the kids doing our traditional Nativity scene. Bryn was an angel (who kept stealing baby Jesus which was a teddy bear ha ha) Tyson was Joseph and Cole was a wise man.
It was ALL so fun! We look forward to getting together with everyone down there as the kids just love being with their cousins. Our sisters Emily and Cynthia and their families couldn't be with us as they live to far away. We wished they could have been there and missed them all. We were able to talk to each of them on the phone though so that was nice.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Becky and family and Deb and family for all you did to make that such a fun weekend =)

Christmas Eve in Crossfield...
Debbie, Sheri and her family, Gary and his family and then our family all celebrated Christmas Eve together at our house.
In Crossfield you leave the porch light on and around 6pm Santa comes to the door and hands our candy canes (it is really the fire department that does this). It is such a neat thing that they do and the kids love it!

My kids "think" they know the "truth" about Santa...I told them if they don't believe in Santa then they don't believe in getting gifts ha! They both said, "we believe Mom, we believe!" HA HA HA!!!
Brynley and her cousin Roel (Gary's son) playing together. They kept sticking things in the back of each others shirts...they play really well together.
Cole and Tyson opening up there traditional Christmas gift on Christmas Eve...jammies of course! They were so excited to open them and get them on. Taylor and Josh arrived at hour house in their new jammies so Cole and Ty all night kept asking when they could open theirs up. Taylor helped Brynley open her gift as she just didn't care ha ha!

All the kids in their new jammies

The kids waiting to come down the stairs and around the corner to where everyone was to do the nativity. Brynley didn't know what the heck was going on and why they were all dressed the way they were =)

Brynley was Mary, Roel was Joseph and Thijis (Tyce) was baby Jesus.

Yes, Taylor is the angel and the star and put together his costume all by himself ha ha! As you can see by the smile on his face he was quite pleased with himself ha ha!

Brynley was a bit of an abusive Mary but she didn't mean to be. She kept trying to put the soother back in his mouth but kept shoving it in his eye. She just thought he was the greatest and wouldn't leave him alone.

Poor baby had had enough! He was a brave baby Jesus =)

All the kids! They did a good job and it was a lot of fun.
Cookies and milk left out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer
Christmas morning
The tree and all the presents and stockings

Everyone opening up their gifts. Brynley could have cared less for any of it. So the boys took turns opening up her gifts for her.
All in all it was a good Christmas!

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Lynn said...

LOL! We tell our kids the SAME thing about believing in Santa. And our oldest is 23! HA HA.

We totally believe in the magic of it. What fun.

And I LOVE your tradition of doing the nativity. Of course that is so what the season is about. Your kids are SO cute!

P.S. As I look at your sisters and your side of the family......I just can't keep thinking that I know you all from some where. It's like when I first saw a picture of just look SO familiar for some reason. Maybe someday I will know from where. ; D