Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun...

We are having Osenbach Family with drawl this year for Easter since we aren't down in Utah with them like we usually are this time of year. For the past 4 years we have gone down to my sisters home and celebrated Easter with them and their 5 kids. This year we didn't as we are planning on being there in the Summer.

We do our Easter baskets and fun Easter stuff with our kids on Saturday instead of Sunday. I was raised that Sunday wasn't about the "fun" part of is reserved for what Easter is really about. So we are carrying on with that tradition in our family.

The kids came up Saturday morning and found their Easter baskets and had fun looking at what was there. I try not to give them that much candy as they so don't need it. So I fill it with new hats, new ties for Easter Sunday, a shirt, books and pens to draw in at church, reading books and a couple of other fun a chocolate bunny and a couple little candies. Bryn got new soothers and hair things =)

The kids checking out there baskets

Once they were done we got ready for the day and met up with Jeff and his family in Olds and had breakfast all together at Smitty's. It was so yummy as they had this wonderful breakfast buffet...all you can eat! Afterwards we headed up to Sheri's for the day to have Easter dinner with Sheri and her family, Niki and her family, Jeff and his family and us. Mike and his family weren't able to make it up. And Kent's parents are on a mission in Malaysia. So we missed all of them being there.

It was fun as all the Mom's filled all the plastic eggs with candy and then we went outside and hid them all over Sheri's yard. Sheri lives on an acreage so there is TONS of places we could hide them. We didn't do it too hard, but the kids had fun!

The Easter egg hunt

Once the kids were done the egg hunt we went inside and sat the kids down to talk about the true meaning of Easter. Niki brought out these eggs that had the "true" meaning of what Easter is really about in each egg. Each one was numbered and came with a scripture inside and a little prop to go along with each scripture describing what Christ went through during his Resurrection.

It was neat to have each of the older boys read a scripture and answer the questions. I am so glad Niki brought this out to talk to the kids about it...thanks Niki!

Once they were done we got supper ready and ate. It was YUMMY! Lot's of good food. It was fun for us all to be together and the kids all had a great time.

We also brought these foam place mat type of things and fun shapes and characters that were foam as well that were peel and stick. So the kids had fun doing this craft and making themselves each a place mat. It seemed like the day went by way too fast. We played some games and visited and then it was time to go home.

The kids making there place mats

Easter Sunday

Cole, Bryn and Tyson in there new Sunday clothes.


Anonymous said...

So good Barb!

Love you

Lynn said...

Having an Easter Egg hunt at an acreage.....VERY good idea! How fun!

Loved all the activities you did with your kids. Aren't holidays just SO fun with kids to live through?? : D

Your babies look ADORABLE in all their new Sunday Easter clothes! Is that the church yard? I wish I had thought of that. Lot's more greenery there.