Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter break fun...

We had company come Easter Sunday after church. Brian Boyd and his 4 kids came to our house to visit. It was Brian's birthday so I made a no bake cheese cake for him and we sang to him and had a good visit. We had invited Tyler (11 almost 12 years old) and Sydney (9 years old) to stay until Thursday and hang out with Cole and Tyson. They have all known each other since they were babies and they are good friends.

Cole & Tyler over the cute are they?! LOL

Tyson and Sydney over the years...ha ha they were Mary and Joseph at there Preschool in the bottom right picture and had a black baby cute!

MONDAY- the kids played in the morning at our house until it was time to go to the wave pool in Calgary around 1pm. We met up with Niki and her family and Gary and his family came as well. The kids had a good time. I tried to find them to take a picture but they were nowhere to be found. I thought Bryn would like the pool as she really likes having baths...I was WRONG!

Brynely didn't like being in the water AT ALL! But she sure looked so dang CUTE in her bathing suit =) Sydney was always such a good helper with Brynley. Sydney enjoyed holding Bryn and helping in whatever way she could. I enjoyed the help =)

TUESDAY-the weather wasn't the greatest so we stayed at home and the kids were stuck inside all day. They did pretty well considering.

Sydney found my box of hair flower making things and decided she would like to make herself some hair flowers and what not. She did this for hours and hours and had a lot of fun. She made herself 5 hair flowers, 5 decoration flowers and 5 book marks with ribbon and flowers on them. Sydney found all of my ribbon as well so she cut herself some ribbon to make bows in her hair and she cut some that were long enough to tie like a belt. She is a creative little thing! I am glad she had fun as I was worried she would get bored with all these boys.

Sydney also spent a good hour in Bryn's room on Tuesday going threw every drawer, box, shelf and everything hanging in Bryn's closet. Sydney was LOVING all of Bryn's "things" and said how fun it all was. Sydney took it upon herself to organize things the way she thought they should be organized LOL...she is hilarious!

Every morning Sydney would go in and decide what Brynley would wear for that day and lay it all out for me to put her in. Sydney said she wished she had a little sister like I told her since Brynley doesn't have a sister either (and never will) they can claim each other as sisters...Sydney thought that was great idea!

I know that IF EVER I should need an honest answer about anything Sydney is the one to she is willing to tell you her opinion on something even when you aren't asking LOL. She is a girlie girl and it was fun having her around. She was like my little shadow and we had fun together. I had my sister in law make her 2 bracelets for Sydney's Birthday that is coming up and then when we were out Syndey was trying on all these sunglasses and I had to buy her a pair as she looked so cute in them.

WEDNESDAY- We met up with my sister in laws and their kids in Calgary and went to the movie Monsters vs. Aliens. Before it started we went to the dollar store and they got some treats to bring into the movie and then they each picked out a "toy" that they wanted. The boys picked out cap guns and caps and Sydney got a new little bag. They were all hilarious as they were acting like they had hit the jack pot...I LOVE dollar stores! The movie was good and had us all laughing. Once we got home the kids all went outside and played some type of war game with their new guns. They had a blast with those things...everyone was happy and that is all that matters.

THURSDAY- We just hung out at home and they had fun playing games, jumping on the trampoline and playing outside. They went home Thursday evening. I have to say that they all did really good together considering they were ALL together for 4 days straight.

This is some of the things the kids did while they were here.

All in all they had a great time with the Boyd kids being here. They are good kids! It is too bad they live an hour away. Wish they could see each other more often than every few months...but that is OK as some is better than none.

Cole and Brynley...

This was a rare moment, Cole playing with "Little Miss". He grabbed Tyson's hat and put it on her head. She thought this was a great game as you can see by the HUGE smile on her face.


Erica said...

Wow! You had a busy week!!!
ALL those kids are cute. I can tell you're just loving having a little girl and I smile every time I see a picture of her-she looks like such a sweetie. You're amazing lady.

Laura and Steve Standage said...

Glad that the kids had a great time together. We saw "M vs A", and I must say I'll never look at green jello the same way again! :) Hope recovery continues to go well for you. Have a great week!

The Caballero's said...

It looks like you guys had alot of fun! As always - this kids are adorable. You're such a good mother and friend Barb. People are better for havig you in their lives.

Lynn said...

Hey Hey! Guess what?
I was sitting there at an appointment this afternoon, really bored and I was thinking to myself, that I hadn't seen an update of your blog in awhile. Hmm.....

So I come home and check it out. Sure enough! You have! My stupid "updating" blog list thing hasn't updated me on your postings. Dang!

Well, at least I know now. I will just come back and check in on you on my own. LOL!

I am SO glad the Boyd kids were there having a GREAT time with your family. And that Brian got a birthday cake. You are SO awesome!