Monday, June 27, 2011

5 smooth stones: My guide to parenting | Mormon Times

I always get excited when my Mom posts a new article on her facebook page that she has found or read, as I know it will be a good one to read. This one is one I definitely needed to read and I learned A LOT from it. I am looking forward to implementing what I learned.

It gave me a different view on how to look at my kids, how to talk to them and discipline them. The part where he said, 
"Sometimes I feel parenting is like fighting Goliath — a seemingly impossible task, but instead of facing a giant twice my size, I am facing a 3-foot-tall toddler who can be just as intimidating sometimes."
rang so true in my ears...I SO get how he feels and what he was talking about! And then at the end he said

The acronym that I use to remember these five smooth stones is TRUST:
  • Treat my child as a person
  • Respect myself
  • Use enforceable statements
  • Show empathy
  • Time — spend quality time
Just as David trusted in the Lord to defeat Goliath, I, too, must trust to be a better dad (I replaced that with Mom for me).

Here is the link to the article, such a good read...ENJOY!!
5 smooth stones: My guide to parenting | Mormon Times

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