Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Kent and I went to Las Vegas Friday, Nov 20-24...we had a great time...and of course it went by WAY too quickly! The weather was perfect...not too hot and not cold at all...atleast not to us.

Kent's sister Sheri offered us her time share to use since they were unable to use it. Even though it was only for 4 days it was much needed. Kent and I needed so badly to reconnect and have time away together. It was PERFECT and I am SO glad we did it =)

We arrived in Vegas at our Condo around 1:30am...we were exhausted. There was a lay over in San Fransisco for about 2 hours on the way down. We did manage to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the airplane window as it was all lit was pretty.

We stayed at Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. It is a beautiful place!

Our room was gorgeous and had SO much room. We really didn't spend much time in our room as there was so much to see and do and we only had 4 days to do it all in.

Kent surprised me with putting flower pedals all over the room with a gift on the bed for was SO pretty!

Ok so funny story to go along with the gift Kent brought...I was in the shower when Kent was rushing around the room sprinkling pedals everywhere and putting the gift out. I got out of the shower and he got in and of course he said nothing as it was a surprise for me. As I opened the bathroom door that led to our bedroom all I saw was a mess startled me and I screamed and shut the door as it looked like our room had been ransacked by someone while we had been in the bathroom. I stood there holding the door shut looking at Kent saying someone had been in our room and he was just shaking his head and said "oh Barbara, open the door." He was giving me this look of disappointment so that is when I clued in that I missed something here. I opened the door and looked around and realized there were flower pedals everywhere and a gift. We had a good laugh about that...good grief, can you say...LACK OF SLEEP!
Once we got ready we went for breakfast and then headed to the famous Las Vegas strip to do some sight seeing and of course some shopping. We were out ALL DAY and our feet and legs were ohhhhhhh soooo tired at the end of the day. We ate at some yummy buffets and saw lot's of neat things. People are sure friendly and it is fun to just watch ALL the people go by whenever we were finally sitting down.

The Donny and Marie Show...Yes, Kent and I went to the Donny and Marie Show. And much to our surprise it was GREAT!! They were so fun and interacted with the audience a lot. My whole life I have heard about The Osmond's as my Mom has always been such a huge fan. The energy those two have is amazing. So glad we went =)
This is the picture they have up on the front of the Flamingo Hotel (where Donny and Marie put on their show). It is massive!

Le Reve (Cirque du Soleil show)
We were told while in Vegas we must see one of the many Cirque du Soleil shows. So we picked this one as it looked different. And different it was...but VERY neat! It was a combination of water acrobatics with a stage present as well...AMAZING!!! We didn't understand the whole story behind it ha ha but they were sure neat to watch in this round theatre we sat in.

Kent and I before the show.
You aren't aloud to take pics during any of the shows. The theatre is literally round all the seating is around the water and the stage.
This was a pretty walkway in one of the hotels...can't remember which one. They had these lights all over the trees and these big balls of flowers hanging from the trees.

The Hoover Dam...Monday, November 23 we went on an all day bus tour to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. It LITERALLY was ALL day...15 hours on the bus 3 hours off the bus seeing the sights. Needless to say if we had known it was going to be like that we wouldn't have gone. BUT glad we went as it was all neat to see.
This is all we got to see of the Hoover Dam as they don't allow buses to stop on the Dam itself anymore to look down it because of all the bomb scares they get. It was kindof disappointing, but oh well.
This couple was sitting directly across from us with their adorable 4 month old baby girl. It was killing me as I wanted to hold her so badly.

The Grand Canyon
It is the most breath taking place to look at. It almost seems like a back drop as it is so huge and so far in the distance. The wind was really cold which we weren't expecting so we hadn't dressed properly for it. So we got a few pictures a walked the path way a little ways and then headed in doors.

Kent being "Vanna White" showing off the Grand Canyon ha ha! He kept freaking me out going to close to the edge. I thought for sure someone was going to fall. There were moutain goats walking right in front of us. They head butted each other and then turned and looked at us I grabbed Kent and pulled him in front of me as I thought they were going to come at us ha ha ha....Kent wasn't impressed with me hiding behind him.
More Grand Canyon shots. It was very peaceful to look at. Glad we went! We didn't get back to Vegas until late in the evening.
Tuesday our last day there we went across the street from where we were staying and there was a great Outlet Mall right there. So we did a little shopping before we had to take a cab to the airport. We flew back home with a stop over in San Fransisco again and got home around midnight Tuesday night. It was hard coming back home to the cold dang it =)
We ended up doing ALOT more than we had planned while we were there, but so glad we did. We definitely didn't rest...we were on the go the whole time. BUT it was fun to just be able to get away and have time together like we needed.
Thanks AGAIN to my Mom for coming and taking care of the kids. The kids love having her around and they sure don't miss us when she is around as they have a great time. Debbie was here as well and helped out.

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Lynn said...

Oh BARB! You lucky girl. What an amazing trip you two had. Fantastic.

I just about peed my pants at your first impression of Kent's gift to you in the room. LOL!!!! That is totally something I would of done. Our guys must just shake their heads. LOL! HE is a good man for doing that nice surprise for you. ; D

Donny and Marie?? Your mom is a fan. I was totally a HUGE fan too while growing up. I have a book and a few records, but that's all. However, I still continue to read and watch whatever I can where they are involved. Oh I feel suddenly very old. : D