Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It is Tuesday, July 7 2009...we are back home from Utah as we got a call Sunday July 5th that Russ had made a turn for the worst and the time was near.

We had only just got to Utah on Thursday July 2, but that is OK as we were playing it all by ear with Russ's health. Once we got the call my family in Utah came outside and helped get us packed up in record time so we could get on the road. Mom and Dad kept Brynley so we could just drive straight through and come in and out at home and be at the hospital as needed. Once we were packed we went back inside to say goodbye to everyone and they were all waiting in the living room so we could have a family prayer and then give Kent and I each a blessing. It was very touching and so needed. My family was amazing with how they came together for us and showed us so much love and support. Family is everything and words can't express how much I love them and how thankful we are!

There were lot's of tears as we just weren't sure at that point if Russ was even going to be around by the time we got home. We gave Tyson and Cole the option to stay down there and come home with other family members that way they could stay and finish doing all the fun activities we had planned. They said no that they wanted to come home and be with Papa and everyone else. Cole was in tears as he just wanted to get home he said. I have to say I was surprised but so pleased that they made the choice to come home.

We met up with Kent's brother Gary and his family on the highway near Dillon Montana. They live in Rexburg so they just followed us home. We left Utah around 1pm Sunday and got home around 2:30 am Monday. It was a long haul, but we made it. We literally pulled into the driveway and jumped in the fifth wheel and went to sleep until 7 am. Kent's Nanny, Uncle Gary and Mom were all staying at our place while we were gone and we didn't want to wake them. His Nanny and Uncle Gary are here to be with Deb...they are from Ontario (it is Deb's Mom and brother). We got up and ate breakfast and went to the hospital and spent the whole day there. We didn't get home until late in the evening.

Tyson hanging out in the "family room" watching t.v. in the Tom Baker Cancer Center. This is just down the hall from Russ's room.

Russ can't really talk anymore and his blood sugar levels are all over the place. He sleeps most of the time now and is confused a lot. He is SO skinny, there just isn't much to him anymore. He didn't really eat breakfast as he just has no energy. So when it was lunch time I woke Russ up and told him he needed to eat. When he does talk it is more like a mumble and a whisper...he told me he would try.

I told him if he ate that afterwards I would go get him his ice cream he has been wanting from the Leavitt's icecream shop.

His eyes opened big and he said, "ya but I want it now".

I smiled and said I know, but you have to eat your lunch first and then I promise I will go get it for you. I then proceeded to tell him what was on his lunch tray and asked what he would like first.

He said "I want ice cream" ha

I knew I was in trouble and that that is all he wanted now. I managed to get him to eat some of his lunch, but he just doesn't have an appetite. Kent, Cole, Gary and I went to get his icecream for him. We were excited to feed it to him as we knew he has been wanting this ice cream for quite some time now...him being a diabetic and all doesn't help, but we figure he deserves to have a couple bites if he wants some. He literally only had 3 small bites and that is all he could handle.

I asked him if it was good and he just stared at me and then said, "it took you guys long enough to go get it like 3-4 hours or so" ha ha we all laughed!

Gary feeding Russ his Maple Walnut and Butter Pecan ice cream.

Kent and Russ holding hands
Kent was filling out Russ's food menu for the next day and as he was standing there reading to Russ what he was ordering for him. Russ put his hand up and Kent grabbed onto it and just stood there holding his hand as he filled out the form. I tell ya this about did me in when I took this picture, but I am so thankful to have captured this moment.

Not once has Kent complained about taking care of his Dad or anything he has had to do. He will tell you that he truly LOVES being able to do all these things for his Dad. He doesn't see what everyone else see's when they look at Russ right now...meaning a very sick man. He says, "I just see my Dad, he is my Dad!"
We have a VERY full house. Debbie's family all arrived late last night from Ontario. She has 2 sisters and 2 brothers (one of there spouses came as well) and her parents are here as well. We are staying out in the fifth wheel with our boys that way it made more room for family to have a place to stay. We are glad they are all here!
We have so much family support and we can't imagine it any other way. Actually we have been told by a few other patients family members how lucky Russ is to have so much family around and so much support. Most people in there are alone or only have there spouse...and it is so much to take on all by yourself. So it is neat as Russ ALWAYS has company and people there with him. He is aware of who everyone is and listens to all the conversations going on even when his eyes are closed.
The Doctors say it shouldn't be long now with all the changes that are happening with him now. Kent has the next couple of weeks off still so we will be at the hospital spending what precious time there is left with Russ.
I will update when I can...
Thank you everyone for all your messages of love and support. We are SO incrediably thankful for each of you...more than you know!


Lynn said...

Oh wow Barb! My heart is SO touched by this post....for more reasons than I can express. Thanks SO much for keeping us posted and sharing such sweet precious moments. Your entire family is SO Christlike and beautiful examples.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Barbara thank you so much for keeping us posted. I love the support that you have for each ohter. Our prayers still with you and your family:)
We love you guys